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Chemisys Laboratory

About US

The most advanced testing equipment in the industry because your results matter.

• State Of The Art in diagnostic technology coupled with personalized service offers a compelling reason to make Chemisys your laboratory of choice.

• Complete and comprehensive testing results in a "one stop shop" for all your diagnostics needs.

• We take the guess work out of insurance policies with our close partnership with other national labs. If for any reason an issuance plan requires a particular lab, we are able to automatically reroute the samples internally to provide seamless one point access to all your samples and results.

• Compassionate and affordable cash prices for those patients that either do not have health insurance or chose to pay directly.

• Results: Customized reports provided to you within 24 hours for most testing after receiving the sample. Easily accessible via web, email, fax, and EMR Integration.

• Individualized Test Orders: Customize your testing panel based on your needs.

• Real time support by highly trained ChemiSys Labs specialists and science team to mitigate all your concerns.

• Extended menu of available STAT test that far exceeds other national labs.

  • Service
  • Commitment to Precision
  • Commitment to Accuracy
  • Customization